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Postpartum Doula Support 

My role as a postpartum Doula is not to show you how to do something the ‘right’ way, it is to empower you to find your way as a parent and to develop your own skills. I will be there to offer emotional and practical support in the privacy and comfort of your home, ensuring you feel confident in how to care for your new baby, or babies.

Your emotional and physical recovery is vital to a happy and healthy baby and I will support you, so that you can focus on your new baby.


Some of the areas, which are useful for additional support:

  • Infant feeding - including specific breastfeeding help and guidance

  • Expressing and milk storage

  • Routine newborn care – bathing, cutting nails, calming techniques, sleeping patterns and newborn development

  • Accompanying mother and baby to any appointments 

  • Running errands

  • General support around the home

  • Watching the baby whilst you  catch up on some sleep


*As the requirements are so individual to each family, you can decide how little or how much you would like me to attend. 


AED 180 per hour

AED 900 for six hours

AED 1,800 for twelve hours

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