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Birth Doula Support

I was also extremely fortunate to find the most wonderful and supportive Doula in Sophie Campion-Regan. She is also an Hypnobirthing educator and so it helped immensely to have her as my doula. I don’t know how we would have managed a labor that long and exhausting without her help and support. She was more than a doula to me was of great help to me and my family.


Her prenatal visits helped me get ready for my birth and postnatally she has been of great help to me when I was struggling with breastfeeding. She has always been there to guide me help me. I was in tears when my VBAC dream broke but she made me feel so good about myself and helped me realize that we did all we could and in the end it’s the wellbeing of the baby that’s most important.


I highly recommend having a doula for your birth in these difficult times when most of us moms are away from family and need that emotion and mental support. Having a doula is a great preparation for a happy & positive birth experience .


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