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When talking about birth, people love to share their experiences and these are often negative stories - which isn't helpful when you are trying to prepare for your birth! Then there is the media, who hasn't seen a birth on TV that doesn't show a woman screaming and out of control whilst in labour?

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme focusses on planning for a successful, positive birth, regardless of what path your birth takes. The programme teaches you how to relax, breathe and trust your body to instinctively know what to do.

Respecting that every woman, every baby and every birth is different, this programme provides a non-judgmental approach to learning about your body and how to make informed choices,

whilst remaining calm, confident and in control during the birth of your baby.

What is Hypnobirthing?

Online Workshops

A Couple With Pregnant Woman Using Lapto

Online workshops are designed to work around you, giving you and your birth partner the flexibility to participate in the course whenever and wherever you want. Part of the course focuses on how the mind influences the body's ability to relax, which we also practise....this is very handy when you are already in the comfort of your home!

Group online classes also give you the opportunity to get to know other expecting mums. It may be virtual but it is still a great opportunity to build your support network and make friends who are also experiencing everything that you are.


Group  Online Workshops AED 1,500

Private Online Workshops AED 2,500

Group Workshops

Pregnant support group meetup in a house

Group workshops give you an opportunity to meet other parents-to-be and  learn together, whilst supporting each other through this experience. It can be really useful to meet other people going through pregnancy and the preparation for birth.

As with the online group classes, these face to face group classes build your support network. You all share such an important experience in common and  friendships can happen where ordinarily they might not have. Building 'your village' is so important and group workshops are a great place to start!

Group Workshops AED 2,200

Private Workshops

Young Couple Expecting

Private workshops, like the online ones, are designed to work around you, giving you the flexibility to participate in the workshops in the comfort of your own home, at a time convenient to you and your birth partner.


Private workshops are ideal for parents that might need a little more support, or, who just prefer the privacy of learning in their home. You can still connect with other parents to be to make sure that you build your support network.

Private Workshops AED 3,500

What's Included?

  • Four sessions, with each session lasting two and a half hours.

  • The Wise Hippo workbook manual will be posted to you, this gives you all the information covered in the sessions for you to go over and practice at home.

  • Seven MP3 tracks to download and use in preparation for and during labour, which includes a track with all the birth affirmations. Additional MP3 tracks are available for specific requirements:

    • Morning sickness

    • Caesarean birth

    • Breech birth

    • Induction

    • Twins

    • Breastfeeding

  • Access to The Wise Hippo Hub where you can view all of the programme materials plus a huge selection of hypnobirthing films for you to watch as and when you want to. Some of these will be used in your sessions to demonstrate a few of the hypnobirthing techniques.

  • Access to The Wise Hippo facebook group, where you can meet others participating in the workshops and share information around your pregnancy and parenthood.

  • Me! I will be available over Zoom and WhatsApp for any questions, concerns or to answer specific questions on the workshop content. Once the sessions have finished, I am still here to support you!


Online Group Workshop - AED 1,500

Online Private Workshop - AED 2,500

Group Workshop - AED 2,200   (currently not available)

Private Workshop - AED 3,500   (social distancing and precautions will be maintained throughout)

What Will The Sessions Cover?

Dark Leaf

Session 1

  • The picture of childbirth today

  • Defining hypnosis

  • Acknowledging pain

  • The physiology of birth and the impact of fear

  • Understanding your mind and its connection with your body

  • The impact of others

  • Giving you the tools to take charge of your thoughts

  • Examples of hypnobirthing techniques in birth videos and questions

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