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The Rebalanced Birth

Birth Preparation


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Birth Completion

 Every woman should expect to give birth feeling calm, confident, in control and listened to.

The Rebalanced Birth supports you to achieve this; whether you are a first time mum or a mum of three and whatever your birth preferences - we give you practical information, useful and easy techniques for birth and continual support throughout your pregnancy and birth. 

You may know exactly what you want for your birth, or you might still be exploring different options. We can guide you through the different considerations that you might like to think about with no judgement or biased opinion. We give you all the information and support your decisions.


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(All sessions adhere to social distancing measures)

The Rebalanced Birth

The Rebalanced Birth

Now offering private Hypnobirthing classes for the same price as group classes. 

Private classes are usually AED 3,500 - but are now AED 2,200.


To ensure the safety of pregnant mums to be, group classes are still not being offered for the time being, however, I am now offering face to face private Hypnobirthing classes for the same price as group classes.


Social distancing will be followed at all times and all necessary precautions taken.

For more information please go to:

or contact:

Need a baby shower gift?

What about buying the expectant parents a voucher for either Birth Doula or Postnatal Doula support?


A Birth Doula's role is to support the mother and her birth partner before and during the birth with emotional care, information and skilled practical support.

A Postnatal Doula offers emotional and practical support in those early days after birth.


For more information, please visit or call Sophie on +971 (0) 54 396 0800 


The Rebalanced Birth

I have no fear, I trust my body

With every surge, I am more 


Need an idea for a baby shower gift?

What about buying the expectant parents a voucher for either a Birth Doula or Postnatal Doula support?