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Birth Doula Support 

There may be a variety of reasons that women choose to use a Doula when giving birth – whatever your reason, I will support you to plan for the birth that you want to have, giving you the information to make informed choices and the support to feel confident in your birth planning. 


During our antenatal sessions, we will go through everything you need to know to prepare for labour, birth and for the postnatal period. We will cover the physiology of birth, how to work with your body to make the experience more comfortable and the role of your birth partner. We will discuss your birth preferences and these sessions are an opportunity for you and your birth partner to ask any questions, for you to feel fully informed and prepared.


During labour and birth, I will be there to support you and your birth partner. I will ensure the birth environment is as you would like it to be and take care of the practical side of things, allowing your birth partner to focus entirely on you. I will offer suggestions to ensure you have the birth you want to have, focussing on your emotional and physical well-being so that whichever path your birth takes, you feel calm and in control of your positive birth experience. 


After the birth, I will come and see you, being on hand to answer questions and offer practical suggestions if needed. Most importantly, I will make sure you are resting and recovering properly after the birth – your body is incredible and I will support you so that you are healthy and strong for your baby, or babies.


My Birth Support Package Includes:

  • A free initial consultation - this can be in your home or elsewhere, to discuss what you feel you need and how I can support you to achieve this. This is a great opportunity for me to meet your birth partner too

  • The option for me to accompany you to any antenatal appointments for support

  • Unlimited telephone and email support - this is ongoing through pregnancy and during the first six weeks after you give birth

  • Two antenatal sessions in your home - these provide detailed labour and birth preparation, as well as providing useful techniques on how to remain calm and in control throughout your birth experience

  • On call period is 24/7 from week 38 of your pregnancy until your baby arrives

  • Two postnatal sessions in your home – these sessions are led by you and your individual needs. Perhaps I can support with initial infant feeding questions or concerns, show you how to cut your baby’s nails or even make you a cup of tea. The focus of these sessions is your emotional and physical recovery and ensuring you feel confident in making decisions for you and your baby

  • Continuous overall support whether that is emotional, physical or providing information for you and your birth partner to ensure you have everything you need in preparation for the labour and birth

Please contact me to discuss individual requirements and pricing.

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