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The Rebalanced Birth was developed from a passion for how birth can be a truly positive experience with the right preparation and the need to inform women about what hypnobirthing and Doula support is, and just how valuable they can be to the birth experience. 


People can be sceptical of the term, ‘hypnobirthing’, because of its association with being hypnotised, out of control, a bit hippy! The Rebalanced Birth aims to dispel this perception and instead, give you the tools and information to prepare for the birth that you want to have, by understanding the physiology of labour and how hypnobirthing techniques can work with your body’s natural instincts. An important part of the support offered is to dispel ‘horror’ stories of pregnancy that the media portrays, or, negative experiences that well-meaning family and friends are keen to discuss.  Every woman’s experience is different, The Rebalanced Birth focuses on your experience. 

The perception of a Doula and their role within the birth environment can also be inaccurate. A Doula provides information and practical, physical and emotional support during birth and the postnatal period. They are there to support the birthing mother and birth partner in whatever capacity they need. Ultimately, we want to give you the confidence, techniques and support to remain calm and in control whilst giving birth.


The Rebalanced Birth gives you the information and resources to:

  • Understand the connection between your mind and your body; taking control of how these can work together to give you the birth experience that you want

  • Know that you can question anything you feel uncomfortable with, or do not understand fully during your pregnancy, labour and post-delivery 

  • Make informed decisions about your body and your baby

  • Learn to relax your own body and mind; tools that are not just for giving birth, but are incredibly useful when having a leg wax or planking at the gym!

  • Take what works for you; what works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for someone else. That’s ok and The Rebalanced Birth shows you how to take what resonates with you and use it!

  • Feel supported throughout your pregnancy journey – whether this starts before conception, during your pregnancy, two days before delivery or two months after giving birth. The Rebalanced Birth is here to support you whenever you need it

  • Birth your way, feeling empowered and confident

About The Rebalanced Birth

About Me

When I pictured myself giving birth, I didn’t want to ever feel out of control, I wanted to have clarity throughout so that if anything unexpected happened, I would be able to deal with it rationally. I craved information but found there was so much out there that was biased, misleading and really quite overwhelming. I discovered hypnobirthing and for me, it made absolute sense.


My husband, Paul, took a little more convincing and was very dubious about the classes but like a gent, got involved to support me. When our son was born, I felt confident, empowered and in control - it was my birth, the way I wanted it to be.

You will see from the picture that the birthing pool is in the background. Although I laboured in it, I didn't give birth in the water like I had wanted to. I used gas and air and there were a few medical interventions - all of which were amazing, because I was prepared for whichever path my birth took. 


I want to support you to have the same experience - you will of course have a birth preference and I want to give you all the tools to remain calm and in control for whatever birth you choose to have, or whatever path your birth takes. 


What Paul thought of Hypnobirthing:

                         'Initially I was very sceptical about the whole hypnobirthing concept, but 

                          having attended the course and participated in the classes and exercises, I saw

                         first-hand how these helped during the birth of our son. Enabling a calm, relaxed

                         and ultimately, positive birth experience meant that Theo came into the world

                         in a soothing, straight-forward way with Sophie in full control of her own experience,

                         helped by the attending healthcare professionals'.

It is common for partner's to feel a little unsure about what hypnobirthing entails and what their role is alongside it. Classes with The Rebalanced Birth gives information and practical suggestions of how your partner can effectively support you during labour and birth. Their role in supporting you is so important to ensure you have the birth that you want to have, they are your advocate in the birthing room and if they have the right preparation, they will feel confident in that role when the time comes. 

Qualifications and Training

                                     The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme Certified Hypnobirthing Instructor

                                  Birth Bliss UK Certified Birth and Postnatal Doula 

                                  Beyond Bea Baby Loss Awareness 

                                  Birth Becomes Her, Birth Photography 101 Training 

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